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Breakdown Round-the-clock breakdown assistance

A vehicle breakdown never comes at the right time. We help you quickly and efficiently.

What to do in the event of a breakdown

A breakdown refers to any technical defect that makes the vehicle impossible to drive.

Procedure in the event of a breakdown:

  • Contact Assistance using the details on the yellow sticker (see vehicle folder).
  • When you call, please have the vehicle registration certificate and vehicle number ready (see yellow sticker).
  • Specify exactly where you are and your own telephone number.
  • Description of the breakdown.
  • Stay with the vehicle – important: no work will be carried out on an unoccupied vehicle.
  • Notify Assistance that you require a replacement vehicle (if the breakdown is not fixed).
  • The patrolman can provide support if you require transfer to the replacement vehicle.

Post Company Cars Assistance – around the clock:

  • From Switzerland: 0800 667 277
  • From abroad: +41 (0)58 827 61 54

Assistance is not available from Post Company Cars Ltd:

See yellow sticker or service card on or in the vehicle folder.

Post Company Cars Assistance telephone
Emergency numbers in Switzerland