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Claim Professional help with vehicle damage

Damage to a vehicle is annoying. We provide telephone and administrative support and coordinate the repair of your vehicle with the bodywork shop and insurance company.

Claims management

Is your vehicle damaged – whether glass or material damage? Send us your claims notification using the online claims notification form or by e-mail.

If anything is unclear, please contact us directly.

Please ensure that there is a European Accident Statement in the vehicle at all times. We will be happy to send you a European Accident Statement on request.

If you need a replacement vehicle, please notify Post Company Cars Assistance or your garage/bodywork shop directly.

Post Company Cars Assistance telephone
Emergency numbers in Switzerland

Important information

Always call the police:

  • When prescribed by road traffic law, e.g. in the event of injury/death
  • In the event of accidents with an unknown cause, with animals and in the event of malicious damage / vandalism
  • If two or more parties are at fault or there may be a question as to who is at fault
  • If the third-party vehicle involved in the accident has foreign number plates and there are difficulties with communication
  • In case of theft, robbery (assault)
  • In case of fire

Make a record of the accident scenario:

  • Unless absolutely necessary, do not make changes to the scene of the accident before recording the facts (own report and/or authorities)
  • Record traces and facts (e.g. traces, position of those involved)
  • Make a sketch with measurements and write a description of the incident and have it signed by those involved in the accident and witnesses
  • If possible, take photos of the accident scenario, traces and damage, from different angles and in detail

Record the facts:

In the event of damage/accidents involving third parties, a European Accident Statement must be completed together with those involved in the accident.

Claims notification by means of claims notification

The claims notification is made in writing using the:

  • Online claims notification
  • Insurance company claims notification
  • European Accident Statement

Glass damage:

  • Glass damage – particularly to the windscreen, side window or rear window – must be repaired immediately to ensure road safety.
  • After receipt of the claims notification, the glass repair shop will contact the customer.