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Theft Points to note

Break-ins and vehicle theft are always annoying. We are there for you with professional help.

Points to note

In Switzerland

Report the break-in/theft of your vehicle immediately at the nearest police station. Contact Post Company Cars by telephone without delay.


Vehicle break-ins/theft outside Switzerland must be reported immediately to the nearest police station and to the responsible Swiss police station, and charges must also be pressed. Contact Post Company Cars by telephone without delay.

Post Company Cars Assistance telephone
Emergency numbers in Switzerland

Important information

  • The police report and the claim form must be sent to Post Company Cars immediately by e-mail or post.
  • Any valuables that are not part of the vehicle’s special accessories (e.g., wallet, mobile, laptop etc.) cannot be dealt with by the vehicle insurer. The theft of company and personal property must be reported to the company property and/or household insurance company.

If you need a replacement vehicle after a break-in or theft, please notify Post Company Cars Assistance directly.