Analysis, consulting and reporting

Analysis, consulting and reporting The basis of optimum fleet management

In the field of fleet management, many fleet operators think only about the price – yet the most inexpensive service is not always the best.

In the interests of our customers, we have specialized in providing consulting services and individual mobility concepts. We analyse and optimize your vehicle fleet from an economic and ecological standpoint. Thanks to invoice and claims management together with professional data management and reporting, your fleet is always in the very best hands.

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Analysis and consulting

In the field of fleet management, only a professional situation and needs analysis generates the desired results and sustainable cost optimization.

Fleet analysis

We analyse the actual situation of your fleet to identify hidden resources and cost saving potential.

We examine:

  • The composition of the vehicle fleet
  • Mileage
  • The age and specification of the vehicles
  • Processes, in-house regulations
  • Existing car policies and other aspects


By means of a TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis, we calculate all actual vehicle costs.

This economic efficiency analysis highlights all fixed and variable costs incurred during the course of a vehicle’s service life.

We record your firm’s complete company car structure and prepare a needs analysis tailored to your wishes.


We examine:

  • Information on the distribution of your vehicles according to weight
  • Age
  • Engine power
  • Mileage
  • CO2 emissions
  • Energy efficiency category and emissions standard

Our analysis is founded on the vehicle list. We summarize the results and conclusions in a short report.

An evaluation of the relationships between the vehicle features, vehicle use, energy consumption and environmental pollution is key to ensuring the economical and ecological optimization of the fleet.

The fleet analysis therefore provides fleet managers and decision-makers with the preconditions for obtaining realistic estimates concerning the major topics of resource depletion (keyword: “peak oil”), climate change and air pollution.

Concepts and regulations

A vehicle fleet concept is geared to your strategic fleet needs and offers model options for service, financing and procurement. This determines the car policy which governs the implementation of the vehicle fleet policy – and thus contributes to improving your corporate image.

Our vehicle fleet concept takes account of your wishes for your fleet’s future strategic orientation and external requirements such as legal or in-house directives on emissions levels and CO2 reduction schedules.

Our concepts are adapted to the individual user groups within your company (commercial, pool, field service, management and directors’ vehicles). They include model options for individual hierarchies, possible service modules for vehicles, financing options and procurement arrangements.

On request, we can incorporate the necessary management processes in your company into the concept: strategy and decision-making, hierarchical implementation and operational business.

Analysis and reporting

Modern fleet management primarily involves handling and analysing complex data volumes. An intelligent reporting system saves time and effort when analysing your vehicle fleet.

Whether you want to examine your fleet’s fuel consumption or compare the total costs for a special vehicle, our online reporting provides you with an overview at all times. All the important information for managing your fleet is available quickly and conveniently.

Standard reports on fuel data, contracts, vehicle data, CO2 emissions and claims provide you with all the current figures. You can filter and compile the data in accordance with your specific needs. The data can be exported in table form, e.g. in Excel, to provide a graphic representation.

The advantages of a modern analysis system:

  • A high level of transparency for all costs and data
  • Clear reporting of all business transactions divided into contract, vehicle, fuel and claims reports
  • Level-appropriate management of reporting, e.g. per cost center or as a management summary
  • Real-time information on the overall fleet situation
  • Immediate identification of deviations from the target and need for action
  • Quicker implementation of fleet optimization
  • Time- and location-independent fleet management by means of Internet access to the reporting platform



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