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Poolcar-Sharing Optimize costs – save resources – gain service

Are your company vehicles utilized efficiently? Modern Poolcar-Sharing increases vehicle capacity utilization and reduces the overall costs of the fleet. We have the Poolcar-Sharing experts on board – the benefit of an attractive service that pays off.

Poolcar-Sharing is the use of a vehicle fleet by multiple drivers. The vehicles are available to all participants in the pooling system. The utilization of the individual vehicles is increased, improving the efficiency of the fleet.

Our services:

  • Financing and procurement
  • Maintenance
  • Claims management
  • Tyre management
  • Return/remarketing


  • Insurance
  • Fuel
  • Assistance
  • Duties/fees
  • Charging of journeys (incl./excl. private use)
  • Driving licence check
  • Carcare package: monthly vehicle cleaning, vehicle inspection, collection and delivery service.
Advantages of Poolcar-Sharing