All vehicles in Geneva will soon require an emission sticker

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All vehicles in Geneva will soon require an emission sticker

Published on 20.11.2019

Starting on 15 January 2020, any vehicles looking to drive through Geneva's city center will need to display an emission sticker, known as a “Stick’AIR”. The reason for the introduction of the sticker: when ozone and particulate matter emissions are too high, certain vehicles will no longer be welcome in Geneva. All vehicles must display a sticker. This measure, introduced by the Geneva government, is the first of its kind in Switzerland. A transitional period will apply until 31 March 2020. The stickers are available in green, purple, yellow, orange, red and grey, depending on the emission values of the vehicle.

Important: this measure also applies for international vehicles and vehicles from other Swiss cantons!

The Geneva “Stick’AIR” sticker can be purchased for five francs. It must be affixed to the inside of the windscreen for the entire service life of the vehicle and be clearly visible. In the event of non-compliance, a fine of 500 francs will be imposed.

The “Stick’AIR” can be ordered during the Geneva car inspection in December 2019; further sales outlets will be announced by the Canton of Geneva at the start of 2020. All further information can be found at: