Post Company Cars purchases an electric quad bike for Braunwald (canton of Glarus)

Post Company Cars purchases an electric quad bike for Braunwald (canton of Glarus)

Since August 2020, residents of Braunwald have had their post delivered in a more environmentally friendly way. That’s because Post CH Ltd has replaced the previous diesel-powered vehicle with an electric one.

The settlement of Braunwald in the canton of Glarus is car-free. But businesses, hotels, farmers, council maintenance services and Swiss Post rely on vehicles to provide their services. Previously, mainly diesel vehicles were used on the steep streets that are covered in snow in winter. Driven by growing levels of environmental awareness, electric vehicles are undergoing continuous development. Today, the market offers various models with enhanced electric engines that represent genuine alternatives to diesel vehicles. Post Company Cars assessed various vehicles that could be used in Braunwald by PostMail. The winning bid was the fully-electric side-by-side quad, made by Polaris in partnership with the Zurich-based company bemoto. Specializing in electric conversions, bemoto GmbH added lithium accumulators with a temperature management system to the vehicle, allowing it to be used on difficult terrain.

Electric vehicles as a genuine alternative – Swiss Post takes an important stance

Swiss Post has been promoting electromobility for many years as part of its corporate responsibility strategy. Many Swiss Post vehicles are already powered by eco-electricity, while the fleet of three-wheelers is already 100% electric. Post Company Cars is actively pushing ahead with the expansion of its electric vehicle fleet, advancing innovations in the field of e-mobility and positioning itself as a competence center for e-mobility.

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