Theft and break-ins

Theft and break-ins

Break-ins and vehicle theft are always annoying. We are there for you with professional help.

What should you do in the event of a theft or break-in?

Please see the following instructions for important information on what to do in the event of a vehicle theft or break-in.

1) Report it to the police

In Switzerland

In the event of theft or damage to your vehicle caused by a break-in, report this to the police immediately (Tel: 117). More information can be found at not accessible.


In the event of theft or damage to your vehicle caused by a break-in abroad, report this to the nearest police station immediately, request the police report produced and send this to us when you file your claim.

2) Submit a claim

Please submit your claim to us as soon as possible, specifically within the space of one working week maximum when submitting your claim online.

Submit claim

You can upload the police report as well as photos documenting the damage when you submit your claim.

3) Insured items/property

If your personal items/property were stolen from the locked vehicle, these objects will only be partially covered by your vehicle’s insurance. The General Terms and Conditions of Insurance in your car insurance policy will always apply.

  • Insured property refers to: personal belongings of the occupants carried for personal use (personal effects).
  • Uninsured property refers to: valuables (e.g. wallets, credit cards), smartphones, laptops, items used for professional purposes and resale merchandise

NB: The theft of uninsured property must be reported to your employer’s property insurance company and/or your private household insurance company.


If, in the event of a vehicle theft or break-in, you require a replacement vehicle to continue driving and/or your vehicle has to be towed away, please get in touch directly with the relevant assistance service.