Myths about electromobility

Myths about electromobility When it comes to electromobility, many people only know half the story. Here we present you with verified facts on a range of issues.

Range: improvements are being made

Manufacturers have been able to increase the range of their electric vehicles drastically in recent years. Ranges of “just” 150 kilometres are a thing of the past. Today, cars can easily reach the 300-400 km range on average, and this is set to grow. As a comparison: the distance between Basel and Chiasso is around 300 kilometres.

In the following table we show you the best in class for 2019 in terms of range:

Model Maximum range (manufacturer information)
BMW i3 310 km
Nissan Leaf 380 km
Renault Zoe 400 km
Mercedes-Benz EQC (end of 2019) 450 km
Kia e-Soul 452 km
Kia e-Niro 455 km
Jaguar I-Pace 470 km
Hyundai Kona Elektro 480 km
Porsche Taycan (end of 2019) 500 km
Opel Ampera-e 520 km
Tesla Model X 565 km
Tesla Model 3 580 km
Tesla Model S 600 km

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