Mandatory safety items in Europe

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Mandatory safety items in Europe Which important items belong in the vehicle?

Anyone travelling abroad with their car must carry certain mandatory items such as safety vests, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc. The provisions concerning mandatory safety items in Europe are nevertheless regulated differently from one country to another.

Are you planning to travel abroad with your car? Before travelling, ensure you are aware of the mandatory safety items required in each country. For example, not carrying a fire extinguisher in your boot in Greece can prove very costly.

Rental vehicles:

The provisions concerning mandatory safety items also apply to rental vehicles. Anyone renting a vehicle should first check whether the vehicle is correctly equipped. If any mandatory items are missing, the motorist must provide them himself. In the event of a traffic control, liability always lies with the driver.

Country symbol, CH sticker

The CH sticker is mandatory in all countries. If the CH country symbol is not stuck to a vehicle with a Swiss registration number, the driver may receive a fine.

European accident report:

The European accident report is only a mandatory item in Serbia. In principle, it is advisable to have a European accident report in the vehicle in the event of an accident. (The European accident report is available in all languages within Europe).

Motorway windscreen sticker: do not forget the motorway windscreen sticker. This is mandatory in numerous countries.

You can find an overview of countries here, listing which items belong in your vehicle.

ACS list of mandatory items to be carried in Europe