Full-service leasing for Dräger

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Full-service leasing for Dräger Combining and optimizing processes across the entire fleet

Dräger (Switzerland) Ltd has chosen 21 new VW Touran Comfortline vehicles and the full-service leasing services from Post Company Cars Ltd. The vehicle handover took place at the AMAG vehicle logistics center in Lupfig, Switzerland.

Dräger Ltd is a company with a global reach in the fields of medical and safety equipment. In Switzerland, Dräger operates a fleet of 104 vehicles, including both passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Post Company Cars will now manage the entire fleet.

VW selected for the third time

Dräger is committing to a multi-brand strategy.

This means that several vehicles have gone through an evaluation process as part of the procurement of replacement vehicles which began in 2016. Raphael Stirnimann, Fleet Manager for Dräger Switzerland Ltd, makes no secret of the fact that several vehicle models from different brands impressed him during this testing phase.

VW has won the tender for what is now the third time with the Touran Comfortline. As Stirnimann explains, it was chosen because “the Touran offers the best storage space in this vehicle category while still being a compact size”.

Vehicle handover at AMAG in Lupfig, Switzerland.

Those present at the vehicle handover included:

Andreas Koller, Key Account Manager for AMAG Retail Central Switzerland; Alain Rickenbacher, Key Account Manager at Post Company Cars Ltd; Jürg Kaltenrieder, Member of the Executive Board at Dräger Switzerland Ltd; Raphael Stirnimann, Head of Fleet at Dräger Switzerland Ltd; and Hans Schenk, Key Account Manager for AMAG Retail Central Switzerland.

Maintenance employees and drivers of the new fleet vehicles were also at the handover. They were pleased with the new four-wheeled helpers.

„Technology for Life“

In its requirements catalogue for company vehicles, Dräger values cost and environmental efficiency, but also places great emphasis on corporate design and safety.

Dräger is faithful to the company's motto, “Technology for Life”, and follows this principle in vehicle procurement as well. As Raphael Stirnimann puts it, Dräger wants to be a “forerunner in using technologies from all areas and, in doing so, help to protect the environment”. Electric vehicles have also been deployed at Dräger's headquarters in Lübeck, Germany since 2016.

Photos: Erwin Kartnaller, AboutFleet editor-in-chief