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400 vehicles in operation Comprehensive vehicle fleet management for Hälg Building Services Group

Hälg Building Services Group is one of Switzerland’s leading names in the field of energy and building technology. It has now grown to 19 branches throughout the country, and these require a fleet of almost 400 vehicles for everyday transportation to construction sites and service calls.

Caroline Inauen, Head of Procurement at Hälg Group (pictured left), explains why fleet management has an important role to play and why she has entrusted her company’s needs to Post Company Cars. Marianne Willi (pictured right), Head of Business Customer Sales at Post Company Cars.

Marianne Willi: „At Hälg Group, everything is combined perfectly“. This statement features prominently on your website. Does it also apply to fleet management, and how important is fleet management for Hälg Group?

Caroline Inauen: Each and every one of our vehicles is an individual advertisement for Hälg Building Services Group and can be seen on the streets every day. We feel it is important that they look well maintained and are highly recognizable. Once someone sees one of our red vehicles with its eye-catching logo, they’ll keep on seeing them afterwards. As there are almost 400 vehicles at the company, fleet management has a major role to play in our business organization.

Marianne Willi: What services does Hälg Group source from Post Company Cars, and what are the benefits of this?

Caroline Inauen: Managing a large fleet with a certain degree of complexity requires a professional service provider from start to finish. The idea of having an in-house team deliver the same services is, in my opinion, utopian. We source every service from Post Company Cars: from needs analysis and procurement to management during the vehicles’ lifecycle, invoice verification and even vehicle remarketing. So far, we have been tremendously satisfied with the results.

Marianne Willi: What could Post Company Cars optimize about its services?

Caroline Inauen: Hälg Building Services Group is very focused on digitizing processes in order to improve them. We are also working with Post Company Cars on this issue, with the goal of using new tools to simplify as many aspects of fleet management as possible.

Marianne Willi: Renault supplies the new standard vehicles for Hälg employees. What kind of feedback have you received so far?

Caroline Inauen: We are also very happy with our decision to acquire the vehicles in our red standard fleet from Renault Switzerland. It is possible that many readers have themselves switched from one car manufacturer to another and so understand how many details need to be clarified, and what it means to standardize processes in order to ensure that everything functions smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, we have had the opportunity to work with a lot of experienced, customer-friendly and highly motivated employees at Renault, too.