Vehicle fleet outsourcing is in demand

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Xerox now drives Peugeot and Citroën Making the right choice is crucial

Xerox is renewing its vehicle fleet with 37 Peugeot 308 SWs and 13 Citroën Grand C4 Picassos. The vehicles were supplied by PSA Retail of the Löwen-Garage in Moosseedorf, canton of Berne. Maintaining the fleet remains in the hands of Post Company Cars.

Multifunctionality – and a clear standpoint. That is what the world-famous company Xerox is all about. This modern service provider is present in over 160 countries and provides digital document management and document outsourcing solutions.

Choosing the right vehicles

Xerox looked into various vehicle brands and fleet managers when renewing its fleet. High-end, quality vehicles with plenty of space in the boot were required to ensure Xerox technicians can perform their work efficiently. These technicians are also on the go throughout Switzerland and spend a lot of time in their vehicles, which is why driving comfort and car reliability were very high on the list. Xerox decided on the Peugeot 308 SW and Citroën Grand C4 Picasso.

An unbeatable fleet

Multifunctionality is also a by-word at Löwen-Garage in Moosseedorf. Along with Post Company Cars, the garage ensured a smooth transition to their two brands of vehicle. Xerox’s field staff were able to exchange their previous vehicles for new ones on-site and have all their service equipment reinstalled. Extensive driver training was also provided when exchanging the cars.

Xerox and their fleet manager

Four years ago, Marc-André Matthey-Doret, fleet manager at Xerox, entrusted the company’s vehicles to Swiss Post’s car fleet manager. Over this four-year period, Xerox’s service staff took to the roads in 67 vehicles. Now there are just 50 vehicles, which is 17 less than previously. What is the reason for this?

The world of work is becoming more digital and mobile. Xerox works at full steam to develop online and remote control solutions. The “Xerox Print Portal app”, for example, enables smartphone and tablet users to connect to network printers to make printing easy, convenient and secure. This has an impact on their range of services. Many problems are today solved online, which means that many field work assignments are no longer needed. This saves not just time and costs, but also reduces CO2 emissions.

At the handover at Löwen-Garage in Moosseedorf (from left to right): Josef Meier (Deputy Regional Service Manager Xerox AG), Marc-André Matthey-Doret (Facility and Fleet Manager Xerox AG), Matthias Mayer (Key Account Manager PSA Peugeot Citroën Schweiz AG), Reto Braun (CEO Löwen-Garage Moosseedorf), Marco Reber (CEO Post Company Cars AG).