5 tips against the heat in the car

5 tips against the heat in the car Cool tips on reaching your holiday destination safely and happily

The summer holidays are just around the corner and the main tourist and holiday season is upon us. The car is loaded with suitcases and bags and ready to go. Happens almost every year – the heat levels rise and the vehicle often becomes unbearably hot.

1.Trip/route planning

When you have a long journey ahead of you, leave early in the morning or late in the evening where possible, when temperatures are cooler and more pleasant. Take plenty of breaks.

2. Check your coolant

The coolant level should be correct. If the coolant is too old, small particles can dissolve in the cooling water when it is very hot. This clogs up the cooling system ducts and can cause damage to the engine.

3. Protect child seats against heat

The upholstery on child seats can get very hot. A towel on the child seat can be of help here. Before setting off with the kids, always check the temperature of the child seats.

4. Parking – note the position of the sun

Shade from buildings or trees can protect against the heat. But you can’t always rely on the shade, because the position of the sun changes.

5. Never leave anybody behind in the car

Not even for a short time, and that goes for both people and animals. A circulatory collapse can occur in children after as little as a quarter of an hour.