Small animals - major damage

Small animals - major damage Martens in vehicle engine compartments are annoying

Much to the dismay of many drivers, martens attack cables, hoses and rubber parts and can sometimes cause considerable damage. Every year, Swiss insurance companies pay out tens of millions to repair damage caused by martens.

Anyone who discovers paw prints on the bonnet or evidence left behind by a marten, such as leftover food or shredded rubber parts, should get an expert to take a look under the bonnet as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you might suffer dangerous and costly consequences such as faulty ignition cables, damage to drivetrain and axle links or an overheating motor.

Consequential damage is not always insured

Insurers have different rules for partial cover insurance; for some, insurance coverage only applies to damage caused directly by animals. Drivers are often left to cover the costs of consequential damage. If, for example, a chewed coolant hose results in engine damage due to overheating, often only the cost of the coolant hose is covered.

These tips work:

Martens are attracted by the smell of other martens; this makes them aggressive and prone to biting.

  • So, every time a marten comes calling, you should clean the engine compartment and remove all visible and invisible traces (scent marks). You should then maintain it using a wax-based product.
  • The simplest solution is to have a professional wash the engine. Some car manufacturers offer to
    install special devices which seal off the engine compartment so that animals can no longer get inside.
  • It is currently debatable whether electrical deterrents and ultrasound devices that use very high-pitched sounds inaudible to humans are effective at scaring away martens.
  • Using any type of scent such as dog hair, toilet deodorizer blocks, deterrent sprays, fragrant sacks or mothballs is not recommended as the rascals become accustomed to bad smells very quickly.