Eco-power with emotions

Eco-power with emotions Diesel, petrol or eco-electricity?

The transport vehicles of tomorrow will be environmentally friendly. The 9th Exhibition for Commercial Vehicles in Berne demonstrated clearly that alternative drive systems, such as e-mobility, have arrived – even for the “rolling workhorses” of today. Swiss Post presented a new electric vehicle to be used for parcel delivery.

The Group’s current target to increase CO2 efficiency by at least 25 percent by 2020 (base year 2010) is realistic. (This climate goal is based on the recommendations of the clim¬ate science community and the Paris climate conference agreement of 2015) Achieving this target will require innovations, such as the new Nissan e-NV200.

Moving and exciting – the visually striking vehicle is generating a great deal of public interest.

The Key Account Manager Crew at Post Company Cars provided detailed information through a wide range of talks. In addition, the company had a stand at the exhibition supplying information on their latest fleet management services. Many visitors also appreciated the DXP electric three-wheeler. These scooters can now move on to their next “driving experiences” with new owners after their «careers» at Swiss Post.

On the delivery round with a tank of eco-power

Four of eight new electric vehicles have been deployed on parcel deliveries by Swiss Post since 21 June 2017. These are powered 100% by eco-friendly electricity. Swiss Post intends to find out whether the vehicles are suitable for daily delivery rounds.

Why does the company want to convert its vehicles?

Until now, Swiss Post has been unable to find a suitable mass-produced electric vehicle that meets the needs of “electric” parcel delivery. The vehicle fleet conversion is taking place in cooperation with the firm Calag Carrosserie Langenthal AG.

The load volume in particular has been increased from 4m3 to 8m3 and load weight to 850 kg. The vehicles have a range of 80-100 km. It takes around eight hours to charge the batteries.

The Vision Van

Daimler is also treading the path of the future.

The Mercedes Vision Van is fitted with a drone and links automatically to a fully digital network. There are huge opportunities for e-mobility in the goods vehicles and delivery sectors. Electrically-powered delivery vehicles make almost no noise, opening up opportunities for late-night deliveries in residential areas.

Welcome back to the e-vehicle heavyweight developers E-Force One

E-Force One AG from Beckenried, Switzerland, presented a world-first development.. For the first time ever, a 40-tonne truck is operating on purely electric power.

The powerful E18 type e-truck by E-Force One was presented two years ago at our mobility forum when it still featured two drive systems. But this new mighty 40-tonne beast can do much more: it is now powered by a large hybrid synchronous motor.

The battery also saw changes. While E-Force One’s E18 featured a lithium-iron-phosphate battery cell, the new heavy-weight comes equipped with a lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt battery. The battery reaches a lifetime of 8 -10 years.The range totals up to 300 km in the city and 180 km on the motorway.

Each year, an e-truck of this size could save up to 40 tonnes of CO2.