Swiss Post used electric delivery scooter

Swiss Post occasion electric delivery scooter All set − with a leisure scooter or a “workhorse”

After about seven years in service for Swiss Post, the used Kyburz DXP electric three-wheel scooters deserve a new life. The used scooters are sold to both private individuals and companies and are available in a variety of colours.

Upon expiry of their contractual term, the three-wheelers are removed from postal delivery service. The scooters are prepared for sale at the Post Company Cars Used Vehicle Center in Berne.


The top speed of a scooter is 45 km/h. A used scooter has a range of 45 to 60 kilometres. The range of each scooter depends to a significant extent on its wear. Upon request, a new battery can be fitted to increase the range to 100 kilometres.

The DXP is robust and solid and drives safely in winter too. An automatic parking brake ensures that the scooter comes to a standstill on its own whenever you stop. There is no need to use a kickstand. The scooter has ample space for carrying small items.


  • Drivers require at least a limited category A1 driving licence (see back of the driving licence).
  • The electric scooter can be charged simply via a household power outlet.
  • All drivers must wear a helmet.
  • The scooters are delivered to the customer’s home for a small surcharge.

Many colourful scooters

Each scooter can be painted in the colour of your choice. The only exception is Swiss Post yellow, which is reserved as the corporate colour of Swiss Post.

A freshly painted and serviced scooter is available from around 4,500.00 francs.