Charging infrastructure

Location check, infrastructure concept and quotation

  • E-mobility fleet check (optional). Is it worth switching your fleet over to e-mobility? We can analyse just that and suggest fact-based solutions for you.
  • When carrying out an on-site inspection with the installation partner, we will check the electrical supply available, the structural measures required, property rights and official regulations. We will do this either free of charge or for a flat fee if you do not end up placing an order.
  • The following infrastructure concept comprises the project and solution description, the location map with the planned installations, a rough time frame, further expansion options and the quotation itself.
  • Your employees can carry out a free DigiCheck for private locations and select the product they would like.
  • Our specialists will be pleased to advise both you and your employees.

Project implementation

The location check, the infrastructure concept and our quotation are the basis for implementation. Implementation involves obtaining the relevant official authorizations, making the necessary structural preparations, installing the e-charging stations, structural follow-up work and setting up the solution in the IT back end.

Operation and support

Select the model that best meets your requirements from the following two options. Individual service agreements are also possible.

Service Support only Operation and support
First level support
Advanced support options ️No Yes
Second level support Yes Yes
Remote maintenance via back end ️No Yes
Reporting of energy usage per vehicle ️No ️Yes
Cost model Free of charge *
CHF 13.50 a month per charging station *

* 2nd level support: free as part of the warranty; otherwise, subject to a fee. 5-year warranty, maintenance-free charging infrastructure

First level support: Mon to Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Assistance with finding solutions and resolving issues by phone

Second level support: On-site visit by an engineer within 48 hours

Charging station service

Charging infrastructure on company premises and at employees’ homes (hardware and on-site installation)

We offer three tried-and-tested types of charging infrastructure from the brand Keba KeContact that can be installed either on your company premises or at your employees’ homes and cater to all fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.


Keba KeContact P30 x-series
Keba KeContact P30 x-/c-series or c-/c-series
Keba KeContact P30 a-series


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