E-charging solution

Ready for the sustainable future of mobility? We will provide you with the power you need.

Would you like your fleet of vehicles to have convenient access to the biggest public charging networks throughout Switzerland? We make this easy for you. We will also construct and operate your charging stations on your company premises or at your employees’ homes.

The decision to switch to e-mobility is becoming a matter of course for an increasing number of responsible companies. We want electric charging and all related processes to become a matter of course, too. We will support you with robust services: thanks to our Swiss Post E-Mobility App and the RFID charge card, your employees will have access to over 7,000 e-charging stations throughout Switzerland. We will take care of user management for you and ensure accurate billing. Would you like to install your own charging stations or provide your employees with these facilities? You can count on our all-inclusive packages.

An attractive range of options

With the e-charging solution, we provide two different modules and additional options that can be combined freely.

Charging infrastructure module

- E-mobility fleet check
- Location check
- Charging stations
- Construction and installation
- Operation and support
- Individual infrastructure concept
- Checking of requirements
- Obtaining of authorizations - Structural measures

People standing next to electric car

Access and billing module

- E-Mobility App
- RFID charge card
- Account set-up
- Monthly billing
- Support

Man with headset on computer

The advantages for you with the e-charging solution

Minimal administration
Satisfied employees
Environmentally friendly and good for your image
User-friendly infrastructure


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