All important services are included with YellowDrive (service, repairs, insurance and much more).


Find the right offer with just a few clicks. We will take care of the rest.


Customized minimum terms and kilometre packages tailored to meet your needs.


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  • What does YellowDrive include?

    Experience uncomplicated management of your new company vehicle – everything is included except fuel:

    •  Insurance

    •  Registration

    •  Service and maintenance

    •  Tyres, taxes

    •  Motorway tax sticker, fuel card / charging card

How does YellowDrive work?

  • Select vehicle category

    You select a vehicle category, minimum term and kilometre package and send us your request. We will then check whether we have the right vehicle for you.

  • Pick up your vehicle, and off you go!

    We will coordinate the vehicle handover with you and will be available to answer any questions you may have during the entire term. You decide whether you want the vehicle to be delivered to an address of your choice or to pick it up from us in Bern.

  • Returning a vehicle or extending the term

    If you do not want an extension, we will coordinate the vehicle return with you after the end of the term.

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