Corporate CarSharing

Want to get more from your vehicle fleet? It’s an approach that will reap rewards for you – and the environment.

Swiss Post’s Corporate CarSharing solution provides an easy way for you to achieve better capacity utilization and less administrative workload, while also enabling employees to use your vehicles for private purposes.

An attractive range of options

We provide two different packages and additional options which can be freely combined. Each of our packages includes the following services:

Good support with our services

  • We take care of equipping your vehicles with the CarSharing hardware, the installation of key cabinets and de-installation at the end of the term.
  • We provide you with access to the CarSharing portal and CarSharing app – regardless of the number of employees
  • We enter your vehicles and locations into the CarSharing portal on a one-time basis.
  • Together we define the rules of use, including pricing, and carry out the initial, individual configuration of the CarSharing portal.
  • We provide support with setting up the Corporate CarSharing solution in the company and supply training documents for your employees.
  • The vehicle can be conveniently opened and closed via the app and the key obtained from the electronic key cabinet after entering the PIN code.
  • We provide training on the many different analysis and reporting options.
  • We would be pleased to answer any questions 24/7.

Options – for even greater convenience


We take care of monthly cleaning and technical checks on your vehicles at your site.

CarSharing box

– Hardware installation on vehicle
– Open/close via app
– Vehicle data can be sent automatically


We provide access to the vehicles or key cabinet via RFID cards.

Key cabinet

– Vehicle key can be obtained via PIN code
– Open/close via car key
– Vehicle data can be sent automatically

The benefits of Corporate CarSharing

Economic fleet usage
Easy administration
Tailored to your needs
Better vehicle utilization
Correct billing of travel costs
Satisfied employees
Environmentally friendly
Post Company Cars is right here for you.


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