Claim Professional help with vehicle damage

Damage to a vehicle is annoying. We provide telephone and administrative support and coordinate the repair of your vehicle with the bodywork shop and insurance company.

Submit a claim

Do you have a vehicle insurance claim, whether for glass damage, material damage or injury to persons? If so, you can submit your claim to us. 

NB: Please see the instructions below for what to do in the event of a claim. You can find more information on glass damage, breakdowns and theft/break-ins on the separate subsites.

Submit claims

If you have any questions about submitting your claim, what to do next or on arranging a replacement vehicle, please get in touch with us.


If, in the event of damage to your car or a breakdown, you require a replacement vehicle to carry on driving and/or your vehicle has to be towed away, we suggest you get in touch directly with the relevant assistance service.

Business customers: you can find the relevant assistance service for you in the service card in your vehicle.

Swiss Post: you can find the relevant assistance service for you on the yellow sticker in the windscreen and/or in your folder in the vehicle.



+41 (0)58 338 88 88 CHF 0.08/min. from a Swiss landline You can reach our Service Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. non-stop on working days. Outside of these times, you will automatically be put through to assistance.



Post Company Cars Ltd Service Center Stöckackerstrasse 50 3030 Bern Switzerland

What to do in the event of a claim?

Please see the following instructions for important information on what to do in the event of a claim.

1) Police

You must involve the police in the following situations:

  • Accidents that involve injury to persons 
  • Accidents with unknown causes (e.g. parking damage, vandalism)
  • Accidents involving animals (but not in the event of damage caused by martens)
  • If two or more parties are at fault or there may be a question as to who is at fault
  • If the third-party vehicle involved in the accident has foreign number plates and there are difficulties with communication
  • In the event of vehicle theft, break-ins and robbery (assault)
  • In case of fire

Police (anywhere in Switzerland): 117

European emergency number: 112

2) Make a record of the accident and establish the facts

  • Unless absolutely necessary, do not make changes to the scene of the accident before recording the facts (own report and/or authorities)
  • In the event of damage/accidents involving third parties, a European Accident Statement must be completed together with those involved in the accident. 
  • Record traces and facts by taking photos from various different angles, and in detail (e.g. traces, position of those involved)
  • Make a sketch with measurements and write a description of the incident and have it signed by those involved in the accident and witnesses

NB: Please ensure that there is a European Accident Statement in the vehicle at all times. We will be happy to send you a European Accident Statement on request.

3) Towing and continuing to drive

Please see the instructions in the Assistance section.

4) Submit a claim.

Please submit your claim to us as soon as possible, or within one working week maximum when submitting your claim online.

Submit claims

You can upload the European Accident Statement as well as photos documenting the damage and accident situation in your claim.

5) Repairs

In the online claim notification, you will see a selection of repair partners from our bodywork network. Please select the right repair partner for you.

The selected repair partner will get in touch with you directly within the space of 24 hours to discuss what to do next.

All our repair partners offer a free collection and delivery service for your vehicle and guarantee you a replacement vehicle if needed.

Please note that no repairs may be ordered directly on our website without the online claim notification. Repairs are carried out exclusively within the Post Company Cars bodywork network.

Glass damage

Glass damage – particularly to the windscreen, side window or rear window – must be repaired immediately due to its impact on road safety. Please report any glass damage when you submit your claim. After receipt of the claim, the glass repair shop will contact you.