New customer portal: view your fleet data conveniently at a glance

New customer portal: view your fleet data conveniently at a glance

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Do you use the services provided by Post Company Cars for your fleet of vehicles? If so, you’re in luck: from now on, you will benefit from a clear overview of your vehicles and the considerable added value the new customer portal offers.

The portal provides a whole range of useful information and features that will make it much easier for you to manage your vehicle fleet. Thanks to clear dashboards, up-to-date reports and handy planning tools, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of your fleet at all times.

Perfect for analyses, optimization, checks and planning

The centrepiece of the customer portal are the reports, for instance “Vehicles”, “Contracts”, “Claims”, “Invoices” and more. In each report, you get a quick overview of the key data and developments thanks to very clear visuals. To access more detailed information, simply open the relevant report. Handy search functions give you quick access to the data you want, which you can also export as Excel files for further processing.

More information on the new customer portal

Read the factsheet (PDF, 132.2 KB)

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