Claims management: more digital, more sustainable

Post Company Cars Ltd relies on Repanet Suisse for accident repairs

The current bodywork network of Post Company Cars Ltd is undergoing further digitization. In collaboration with the existing repairs network, Repanet Suisse, CompCar is continuing to optimize the claims management process, and is focused on sustainable mobility.

Post Company Cars Ltd (the largest independent, full-service fleet manager in Switzerland with around 26,000 vehicles) and André Koch AG (a market leader in the automotive refinish sector and operator of Repanet Suisse, the largest repairs network in Switzerland with at least 215 partners), two heavyweights of their respective sectors, are striking up a partnership.

More efficiency, more sustainability

For one thing, the vehicle body builders will benefit from this partnership. Each year, this enormous fleet reports roughly 10,000 claims. Bruno Fankhauser, Head of Operations at Post Company Cars: “Demand on the market is high, and it will continue to grow in future with different products/services in the mobility sector.” The environment also reaps the rewards. CompCar pursues a highly ambitious sustainability strategy, much like Swiss Post Group itself, and one of its goals is to deliver Swiss Post’s mail solely by electric vehicle by 2030. 

Repanet Suisse partners have an advantage

Even though a partnership with the repair network of André Koch AG may not be an absolute must for future repair staff with CompCar, it is very beneficial because these companies work according to the principles required, and are already certified at a high level.

Enzo Santarsiero (Repanet) and Bruno Fankhauser (Post Company Cars)